man looking out windowIf you’ve been dealing with long term illness and then learn about the impact that things like cavitations, root canals, or mercury amalgam can have on your health, it’s easy to think that simply addressing them is all that you need to finally begin healing.

But despite what you hear from some corners of the internet, these aren’t actually “root causes.”

According to the concepts of regulative medicine that inform actual biological dentistry, the ultimate root cause of any illness or dysfunction is an acidic, polluted, disordered biological terrain – the extracellular matrix, which you can think of as the body’s internal environment.

If the terrain is neglected, simply removing dental burdens may alleviate symptoms to a degree but generally isn’t enough to fully restore health for the long term. It’s “like fixing a door on a house that’s burning down.”

This is why Dr. V always starts with a biological terrain assessment and EAV diagnostics, in addition to all the usual dental exams and taking a comprehensive health history. If these suggest a compromised terrain, his treatment plan begins with correcting those problems.

This was the case with a woman who, this past summer, traveled all the way from Minnesota to consult with Dr. V about suspected cavitations.

For many years, Sarah had been dealing with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that damages the thyroid and is considered incurable by conventional medicine. She said that she had seen numerous doctors for it, but while there were some minor improvements, she made no real progress.

She didn’t have any root canal teeth or mercury fillings, though she was advised to have lots of teeth removed after a cone beam scan showed significant bone loss She refused this option, wanting to know WHY the bone loss had occurred and find a way to save her teeth, not just give up on them.

That’s when Sarah reached out to us.

BTA resultsExams and testing showed no strong sign of cavitations but significant disorder in the terrain. After discussing the findings with Dr. V and reviewing his treatment recommendations, Sarah decided to get started right away with Phase One of healing the terrain: cleansing to decongest it and re-establish proper cell-to-cell communication.

For the terrain, you see, is like a sponge. Toxins – both exogenous (coming from outside the body) and endogenous (generated from within through various metabolic processes) – are absorbed by it constantly in order to protect the individual’s cells. If the terrain isn’t cleansed, the individual will become symptomatic.

Symptoms are like a clogged drain. While a more alkaline diet will help slow the running faucet and prevent overflowing, remedies are still needed to open the channels of elimination: skin, bronchi, kidneys,and intestines.

So in addition to following a more alkaline diet – and scheduling LANAP treatment with a provider back in Minnesota to address her advanced gum disease – Dr. V prescribed a regimen of select Pekana and Sanum remedies at a very low dosage in order to keep from overstimulating her body’s immune and other regulative symptoms.

Especially in cases of long-term illness, you want to start gently. As the body adapts to the changes, you can ramp things up.

After about a month of Phase One, Sarah sent us a progress report. She has graciously allowed us to share it – and her whole story – with you here, to show what’s possible when you take a terrain-based approach to healing.

I’ve been meaning to write for a couple weeks and tell you about how well I’m doing, but I have been too busy! And not too busy sleeping, but too busy DOING THINGS! It’s amazing!

I am so very grateful to all of you for your support, knowledge, kindness and caring towards me on this healing journey. While I do not feel 100%, I have more energy than I’ve had in months, and I have more mental interest in things, as well. The last couple mornings, I’ve woken up with enthusiasm, as well. I’ve been working 45 hour weeks in 4 days outside of the house, then putting in more hours in my home office the other 3 days, as well as completing projects around the homestead. I would have been unable to do half of this a month ago, plus I would have needed several days with naps. I’ve only had 1 nap in the last 4 weeks and that was last Sunday when I fell asleep reading after a grueling week.

My digestion has improved, as well as all the symptoms I had listed on the chart. Everything has improved from 20-50%, except for the cholesterol and bone density which have not been tested. I feel less of a need for all the supplements I was taking, though I continue to take them at a reduced level. My TSH level rose out of optimum range on my last test, but rather than up my Armour Thyroid, [my doctor] wants to leave the dose at 45mg for another month and see what happens.

I am at the fully prescribed level of the 3 herbals and at about 14 drops of the homeopathics. I felt like I was maybe pushing too hard with the homeopathics as I had several days of “angst,” so I decided to hold at 14 for a week. I think I am ready to increase with the next bottle (today is an off day).

I’m scheduled for the LANAP procedure in 2 weeks, on the 15th & 16th of October.

So thank you Gary, Joanne, and Jill…for your immense part in my wonderful, new life. My heart is full.

We are so honored to be a part of Sarah’s healing, so happy to see just how well she’s responding to the treatment, and so excited to see how she continues to progress – progress she has agreed to let us share with you along the way. Stay tuned!

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