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Regularly, we’re contacted by people who have spent a lot of time and money on dental procedures they believed treated the “root cause” of their systemic illness – mercury amalgam fillings, root canals, cavitations or other sources of focal infection. Some experienced no improvement at all or even got sicker. Others experienced relief for a while before their symptoms came back with a vengeance, sometimes accompanied by new ones. Illness returned full force.

When we first see a client with systemic health issues, we do extensive exams and tests to assess their whole health situation. We need to see the big picture. Consistently, we find that dental factors are often triggers to deeper, more ingrained health issues. (For this reason, “functional organ/system disorders” may be a more accurate term for what ails them.)

For instance, we once saw a client who had three cavitations that he wanted to have treated right away. After our full assessment, though, we advised against it. This surprised and confused both him and his physician. Why would we do this when we know the problems cavitations can cause? Because, we explained, our evaluation showed more fundamental health issues.

Testing showed that his biological terrain – the body’s internal environment – was very polluted and disordered. For oral surgery and healing to be effective, this had to be addressed first. For the terrain is what dictates how health and illness manifest. When it’s in good shape, the body functions as designed: as a self-regulating system, with a robust immune response, excretion mechanisms and all else needed to fight off infections, toxins and other insults. Not so when the terrain is disordered. A body can only get sicker, progressing across the stages of Reckeweg’s disease evolution model.

To treat the cavitations without first treating the terrain would be like fixing a broken door on a house that’s burning down.

Disease Evolution Table from -Heel

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The body deals with toxins across three phases: Humoral, Matrix, and Cellular. Each will mount a defense and will leave fingerprints in the form of symptoms depending on the cybernetic extracellular matrix regulatory system.

The tool we use to evaluate the state of a person’s terrain is called Biological Terrain Analysis, or BTA. As Han van de Braak describes it,

Biological Terrain Analysis (BTA) was invented by professor of hydrology Prof Louis-Claude Vincent, whose Bioelectronimètre was first used in France in 1946. His method forces one to take a contextual, broad-spectrum view beyond any chronic symptomatology a patient presents. Vincent found that the defining triad of pH, rH2 (oxidation-reduction potential at the given pH) and Ohms resistance was as equally appropriate to human health as he had found it to be to testing water quality.

Vincent’s research in France – where he established his reference bandwidths – struck a chord with eminent doctors in Germany like Dr.phil. Dr.med. Bach, Dr.med. Reinhold Voll valued technique in Germany used by medical physicians, dentists, veterinary surgeons, pharmacists and naturopathic physicians alike. Since, Vincent’s technique has been adopted in many countries around the world most notably in the USA.

The BTA process itself is simple, quick and noninvasive. Saliva and urine samples are taken, and Vincent’s three bio-markers – pH, rH2 and R – are measured and analyzed by computer. The results show which biological systems are in good shape and which are vulnerable, weakened or compromised. Knowing this, we can provide bioenergetically specific therapies to improve the terrain and thereby support the body’s innate ability to self-regulate.

Only then can the client’s dental issues be successfully addressed and true healing become more than a pipe dream.

Here are the materials we recommend all our biological clients read before their first appointment in order to understand the testing we’ll be doing and our eventual recommendations for treatment and healing:

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