It’s kind of annoying when you run across an article that promises to debunk certain myths and find that it just perpetuates others.

Case in point? A post on root canals that recently cropped up on Facebook, linking to the site of a company selling a new spin on an old procedure.

x-ray showing root canal toothSo naturally, the first myth they want to debunk is that “Root Canals Are Scary.”

Well, superficially, they’re no scarier than any other type of filling procedure. What is scary, though, is the evidence linking root canal treated teeth to systemic health problems, including autoimmune disorders, cancers, and enigmatic illnesses such as chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

This reality also flies in the face of the second myth they list: “Root Canals Lead to Bigger Problems.”

While some people are able to tolerate root canal treated teeth for a while, the risk of systemic problems remains. For it’s not just the root canals within the tooth that are loaded with pathogens but the miles of microscopic dentinal tubules within each tooth, where anaerobic bacteria can thrive. The teeth become harbors of not only bacteria but the highly toxic waste products they produce while proliferating.

Those are pretty significant problems, if you ask us.

When Weston Price conducted his important research on root canal teeth, he found that it could take upwards of a year for pathogens in the culture medium to prove positive. They weren’t on the top layer but deep within.

In fact, the tubules will always carry the DNA of any pathogens. Even if you saturated the inside of the tooth with ozone or could somehow autoclave the tooth 24/7 for a couple weeks, those traces would remain.

And that brings us to alleged myth number three: “Root Canals Kill Teeth.” Sure, sometimes a tooth is already dead when root canal therapy is recommended, but that’s not always the case. The treatment itself involves removing all living tissue from within the tooth. There are no more nerves. No blood supply. No circulation within the tooth.

If that’s not “killing a tooth,” we don’t know what would qualify.

Image by gillicious, via Flickr

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