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Root Canals, Implants & Their Implication in Disease

Are Root Canals, Cavitations & Cavities Causes for All Disease?

Oral Obstacles to Optimal Health

The Cause of Your Condition Might Be Here, Where Most Doctors Don’t Look

CAUTION! Dental Work Could Set Off a Time Bomb in Your Body!

Why Amalgams, Root Canals & Cavitations Are Dangerous

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Root Canal Teeth


Root Canals Are EXTREMELY Toxic

Root Canals Are Toxic Because of This!

Surprising Health Results of Root Canals

Root Canal Controversies

Safe Alternatives to Root Canals

Improved Health through Tooth Extraction

Having This Routine Dental Procedure Done? Beware of Serious Health Risks!

Cavitations (Jawbone Osteonecrosis)

Dental Cavitations Can Kill You

Disease Causation: The Dental Connection


Dental Implants

Problems with Dental Implants

Bone Healing After Dental Implant Preparation

Dr. Mercola & Charlie Brown Discuss Dental Mercury

Mercury Amalgam “Silver” Fillings

Quecksilber: The Strange Story of Dental Amalgam

Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas (excerpt)

How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Degeneration

Galvanic Reactions

Visual Demonstration of Toxic Mercury Vapors Generated During Amalgam Filling Removal (from Evidence of Harm)

Safer Amalgam Removal


Fluoride & Fluoridation

Dr. Mercola Interviews Michael Connett About Fluoride Awareness