First, there was the 30-second toothbrush. But, dang it: You actually had to hold it in your hand and move it around your mouth.

Then came the 6-second brush, no handle required – just a mouthpiece that was, in the words of one blogger, “kind of scary, like one of the mean, aggressive fish from Finding Nemo.”

But then things slowed down with the 10-second brush, which got hyped to the heavens this past summer as a super time saver.

Yet there are those who seem to think that even 10 seconds is far too long to clean your teeth (or at least the 60% of total tooth surface that a brush can reach; you still have the other 40% that still needs to be cleaned).

And thus came

3 second toothbrush

The maker of this device claims it can clean all your teeth perfectly in just 3 seconds, courtesy of 22 brush heads rotating feverishly around each tooth. The thing hooks up to your smartphone, which controls the cleaning cycles.

[Its investor, Nicola] Nichele claimed he was inspired to invent it after finding using a manual brush before going to bed is “terribly annoying” when he was a “penniless” 18-year-old in 2007.

It takes two minutes to brush your teeth. Dude has a very low threshold of annoyance.


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