Some called them the hot dental patient fashion trend for spring 2011, though the only place we’ve seen them is online: temporary tooth “tattoos.”

Why the quotes? They’re not really tattoos – just as the “trend” hasn’t really seemed a trend. They’re “jewels” and template designs that are attached to the teeth with light-cured composite.

And, as one blogger commented:

If these pics are any indication, it looks as if someone’s teeth are falling apart.

But, hey – though they haven’t really caught on here, JapanTrends reports that they’re becoming a buzz-worthy fashion accessory across the Pacific.

Verbatim Google Translate rendering of the original story:

The dance on the teeth, not just a sparkling rhinestones. If a small charm, sits on the teeth, be telling the fashion message. “The freedom given to anything of what you like, the point where the fashionable fun of a tooth,” Mr. Watanabe. The summer outdoor fashion, ON ladybug convey the excitement of the outdoor leisure! If you go to the beach to the marine look, plus the charm of the anchor teeth. If you enjoy a drink at the bar, and stars shine the simple heart of gold. Boost the motif of playful charm adults.

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