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The State of American Teeth

Best Teeth

Madison, WI [1]

Image from Wisconsin Historical Society, via Flickr [2](CC)

Worst Teeth

Texas Map Showing Lubbock [3]

Ranks of Northern California cities in survey:
San Francisco – 21 (B)
Fremont – 26 (B)
San Jose – 32 (B-)
Modesto – 49 (C+)
Oakland – 55 (C)
Sacramento – 73 (D+)

Numbers crunched by Men’s Health using CDC data “on the number of people who visit their dentists for annual check-ups, the number of no-shows whose choppers are dropping out, and the number of households with fluoride on tap.” (Not a good sign on that last point, but the data come from the world of industrial medicine, after all!)