House Hears of Dental Mercury Ending Up in Fish

Posted on Friday, June 4th, 2010

So now there’s a renewed call for stricter regulation of how dentists deal with mercury waste – according to the Mercury Policy Project, the greatest source of mercury pollution in wastewater.   AGrinberg/Flickr   Of course, the surest way to deal with it is to just not generate it in the first place. Considering how […]

“If a Guardian Refuses Amalgam…We Will Not See the Patient”

Posted on Friday, February 26th, 2010

Via Charlie Brown of Consumers for Dental Choice     Pennsylvania Dental Association: Deny All Dental Treatment to Children with Disabilities Unless Parents Consent to Mercury Exposure   In an act of moral depravity, the Pennsylvania Dental Association (PDA) and the Philadelphia County Dental Society (PCDS) have endorsed strong-arming parents of children with disabilities to […]

Turning Mercury Amalgam into Gold?

Posted on Friday, February 12th, 2010

Normally, we post videos on Wednesdays, but this is just so weird, we just couldn’t wait (via     Change amalgam into gold? That’s as much magical thinking as corporate dentistry’s belief that the toxic mercury that must be handled so carefully when it’s outside the mouth becomes inert and perfectly safe once it’s […]

Why You Need to Read Beyond the Headline

Posted on Monday, November 16th, 2009

Another week, another hmmm-inducing headline to add to our collection (see items 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6), this time courtesy of a media release posted on Medical News Today:     Amid the on-going controversy over the safety of mercury-containing dental fillings, a University of Saskatchewan research team has shed new light on […]

Challenging the FDA’s Unscientific Mercury Ruling

Posted on Friday, November 6th, 2009

Below is an email we recently got from Charlie Brown, National Counsel for Consumers for Dental Choice, following up on this past summer’s “mercury amalgam fillings are safe” ruling:     FDA’s Own Documents Show Cascade of Wrongdoing   Documents we continue to obtain from FDA under the Freedom of Information Act paint a picture […]

Why a Dental Mercury Ban Should Be Part of Health Care Reform

Posted on Friday, September 4th, 2009

There’s one more commentary on the recent FDA mercury ruling that we’d like to draw your attention to, as it nicely shows the tension between the stated philosophy of the Obama/Biden health care reform plan and goings-on at the FDA. An excerpt: The government seems to be speaking out of both sides of its mouth, […]

Dental “Secrets” That Aren’t Really So Secret

Posted on Friday, August 14th, 2009

Among the “50 Secrets from Your Dentist” recently featured in Reader’s Digest, we find some excellent, concise statements that pound home some key points about dental health and hygiene – points that bear repeating. Some truly educated people think that if nothing in their mouth hurts, they’re fine. High cholesterol doesn’t hurt, either, but it’s […]

FDA Rules on Mercury Amalgam

Posted on Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Via Medical News Today: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a final regulation today, Wednesday, saying that at the levels dentists use for tooth cavity filling, elemental mercury in dental amalgam does not harm patients, although adverse health effects are known to occur at higher exposures. Dental amalgam is made by combining mercury […]

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