How a Couple of Guys Took Charge of Their Health

Posted on Friday, April 6th, 2012

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is kind of the flipside of Supersize Me – what happens after you start putting good stuff into your body instead of bad. Here’s the complete film – with ads, unfortunately, but it’s well worth the occasional interruptions. (Firefox users with Adblock Plus are spared the ads but not the […]

As Hip Implants Come Under Scrutiny…

Posted on Friday, March 16th, 2012

Could this be the beginning of the end for metal-on-metal hip implants? Metal-on-metal hip implants are more likely to fail than devices made from other materials and should be banned, U.K. researchers said after reviewing the world’s largest database on hip replacements. More than 500,000 patients in the U.S. and 40,000 in the U.K. have […]

Stat!: Are Americans Getting Healthier?

Posted on Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Annual health care spending in the US: $2 trillion Annual cost of treating chronic illness in the US: $1.5 trillion Yes. Really. And nearly half of us have at least one chronic health condition, including Chronic pain – 116 million adults Arthritis – 50 million Type 2 diabetes – 25.6 million “Cancer survivorship” – 12 […]

FAQ on the Biological Dental Perspective

Posted on Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Since 2004, Dr. Gary Verigin’s free newsletter Biosis has offered its readers comment and teaching by Dr. Verigin, health news, wellness tips and more – all within an integrative, biological dental frame. It’s name comes from the Greek word meaning “to live.” “Biosis” means “a mode of life,” which is both a process and an […]

The Only Thing that Matters Is Getting the Mercury Out, Right? (Not Quite)

Posted on Friday, September 9th, 2011

By Gary M. Verigin, DDS, CTN We humans are natural pattern-seekers and storytellers. When something happens to us – especially if it’s unexpected or undesired – we instinctively use these traits to help us find the cause and meaning of our experience. As we discover patterns, we build an explanation – a “story” – that […]

When Treatment Fails – Why Just Removing Sources of Dental Toxins Isn’t Enough

Posted on Monday, June 20th, 2011

John Lydon is back on tour, and in a recent pre-gig interview, he talked a bit about his current dental woes. Back in the 70s, Lydon’s notoriously bad teeth were what inspired his stage name as lead singer for the Sex Pistols: Johnny Rotten. About three years ago, though, he went to L.A. and spent […]

Biosis 33: Disease & the Biological Terrain, Time & Priorities, & More!

Posted on Friday, May 27th, 2011

The May 2011 issue of Biosis, our quarterly newsletter, is now online. In this issue: JoAnne’s Motivational Minute: Time & Priorities The key to planning is prioritization. When you prioritize, you make the time you need for work, play and rest. The more you plan, the more time you find you have. Not literally more, […]

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