Biosis 24: Dental Foci & Early Cancer Detection…and More

Posted on Friday, February 20th, 2009

  The new issue of our quarterly newsletter Biosis is now available online. Check it out now to learn more about: Self-renewal as a lifelong habit Dental foci and early cancer detection – fact or fantasy? What truly preventive health care looks like Biosis: Integrated Health Solutions, #24  

Possible Mouthwash/Oral Cancer Link, Autism Reporting, and Other News of Note

Posted on Monday, January 19th, 2009

New Australian Study Links Alcohol Containing Mouthwashes and Oral Cancer (Flap’s Dentistry Blog) A new study appearing in the December edition of the Journal of the Australian Dental Association finds “sufficient evidence” that “alcohol-containing mouthwashes contribute to the increased risk of development of oral cancer.”   California’s Autism Increase Not Due to Better Counting (ScienceDaily) […]

The Call for Preventive Medicine

Posted on Friday, January 16th, 2009

In the ongoing debates about US health care reform, you hear an increasing number of calls for a shift from crisis-based medicine to preventive medicine. (We noted the dental version of it earlier this week in our comment on the recent Lancet editorial on the topic.) The basic idea is that if we can help […]

Mercury Amalgam Removal Can Only Be a Partial Solution

Posted on Friday, September 19th, 2008

It seems that some people, when they start learning the truth about the risks of amalgam fillings, will instantly ascribe all of their symptoms to the presence of mercury in their mouths. They want to get it out immediately and often expect to feel instantly better once it’s removed. But a conscientious practitioner will never […]

Useful Reviews on TMJ/TMD, Cell Phone – Cancer Risk & Dietary Supplement Trial Bias

Posted on Friday, September 12th, 2008

Temporomandibuilar Disorders (TMD): An Overview (PDF; Oral Surgery) “TMD” is a catch-all term for problems involving the temporomandibular joint and associated structures. Common symptoms include joint noises, limited jaw movement, pain and muscle tenderness in the face, neck and shoulders, ear problems and various psychosocial issues. This recent paper from Oral Surgery gives a broad […]

Mercury Toxicity Expert Boyd Haley on the Radio

Posted on Thursday, September 4th, 2008

University of Kentucky biochemist Boyd Haley, Ph.D., is one of the leading experts on the matter of mercury toxicity, and via his ALT Biosciences lab, a major contributor to our knowledge of dental biofilms, oral bacterial toxins, root canals and focal infections. You can read a bit about some of his current research in this […]

Quick Links: Stress Effects, Incense & Cancer, Cavity Detection, How Words Wound, & Global Benefits of Going Local

Posted on Friday, August 29th, 2008

Chronic Stress Alters Our Genetic Immune Response (Science Daily) In a very promising preliminary study, Miller and colleagues found that the pattern of gene expression differed between caregivers of family members with cancer relative to a matched group of individuals who did not have this type of life stress…. Gregory Miller, Ph.D., corresponding author, explains…that, […]

Recommended Reading: On Fluoride, Mercury, Obesity & Cancer, Cholesterol Cons and Yoga over HRT

Posted on Monday, May 26th, 2008

1945 Human Experiment Predicts Current Fluoride Ill Effects A fascinating overview of a mid-20th century study showing increases in “bone defects, anemia and earlier female menstruation in children purposefully dosed with sodium fluoride-laced drinking water” and the legacy of the ongoing fluoridation experiment that makes great numbers of the American population into human guinea pigs. […]

Quick Links: Tooth Loss and Cancer; Drugged America

Posted on Monday, May 19th, 2008

Study: Over Half of Americans on Chronic Medicines (PhysOrg) Tooth Loss Linked To Esophageal, Head and Neck, and Lung Cancer (Medical News Today) Drug Marketing Shifts the Doctor-Patient Relationship (LA Times)

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