open mouth with amalgam fillingsImagine you’re locked in a room where low levels of carbon monoxide are constantly being piped in. Eventually, you start to get a headache. You feel queasy, dizzy, weak. But before you get to feeling any worse, someone comes to let you out.

A feeling of relief comes quick.

So you might expect similar relief after getting mercury amalgam “silver” fillings removed from your mouth. You’re no longer subject to their 24/7 release of neurotoxic mercury vapor.

And research continues to suggest this – such as the study published earlier this year in Acta Odontological Scandinavica. Evaluating data from a small group of patients, the authors found that

Removal of amalgam restorations was followed by a long term reduction of general health complaints, which was associated with mercury concentration in urine before amalgam removal.

This similar to what one of the author’s 2016 doctoral thesis showed: a significan reduction in health complaints at three years after amalgam removal.

But here’s the thing to note: Being mercury-free didn’t mean being symptom-free. Patients reported feeling better yet still experienced a considerably high “symptom load.”

This simple fact offers another important reminder that just getting your amalgams out is seldom enough. Because at least some of the mercury released from amalgam fillings gets stored – and methylated – in the body, proper detox is needed to clear the metal from the body. And proper detox usually requires proper “pretox” – that is, getting the body ready to excrete toxins, opening the channels of elimination.

Mercury alone is seldom the problem in the patients we see. There are typically other toxic exposures. There are dietary and other lifestyle issues. There’s usually a history of other illnesses and injuries that have compromised the body’s ability to self-regulate as it was designed to do. There are often cognitive, emotional, and spiritual issues impeding the body’s ability to thrive.

Only by evaluating and addressing all factors that are compromising health – and doing so in a sensible, healthy, and logical manner – can real, long-term healing occur.

Image by Traci Lawson, via Flickr

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