Live Safely and Thrive in the Wireless Age (Central Sierra Health Resource Guide)
An excellent overview of the health risks of Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation from mobile phones, computers, microwaves and other technological conveniences – along with tips and resources for minimizing your exposure.  To access the article, follow the above link and scroll to about 1/4 up from the bottom of the page. You can also access the article in PDF here. The article starts on page 14.

Homeopathic Alternatives to Antibiotics (Natural News)
What is homeopathy? How does it work? Has it been scientifically proven to work? How can homeopathic remedies be used to treat infections? This article by noted homeopath Dana Ullman answers these questions and more. It also provides an easily understandable explanation of the difference between how industrial medicine views disease and how homeopaths and other holistic practitioners understand it.

Head Fake: How Prozac Sent the Science of Depression in the Wrong Direction
First there were the drugs, the SSRIs, antidepressants. They  affected serotonin levels. And so followed the hypothesis that depression resulted from low levels of the neurotransmitter. They were misguided. According to this fascinating article, current research suggests that depression may have more to do with damaged neurons. While SSRIs may have a mechanism that encourages their healing and growth, non-toxic therapies such as plain old exercise can also do the trick.

The Myth of Multitasking (The New Atlantis)
We multitask and think we’re accomplishing more, but really, as Christine Rosen writes, the more we multitask, the less efficient we become. What’s more, it appears to change the very way in which we think.

Gut Instinct (Slate)
While Jamie Lee Curtis assures us that Activia – a yogurt with added probiotics – can help with “digestive issues like occasional irregularity,” what does this really mean? Lauren Sandler explores the possibilities of this and other claims made by Dannon. (Learn more about the marketing of Activia and its global variants at this site.)

Hands Off that Childhood (Ottawa Citizen)
A wonderful essay on the need to stop over-managing children’s lives…to let them “explore the world on their own terms,” writes Carl Honore, while still providing the structure, support and discipline that “make them feel safe and equip them for life in a world built on rules and compromise.”

4 responses to “Recommended Reading: EMF Safety, Homeopathy, New Depression Research, Probiotic Claims and More”

  1. esmitt says:

    I’m very concerned that there is a view that homeopathic conconctions has some sort of beneficial effect as opposed to the actual antibotics. It’s misleading that the sugar pills prescribed by homeopaths can offer anything else than a placebo.

    Imagine a mother of a child worrying about an infection that their child has and unfortunately turns to a homeopathic pill or solution that will have no impact on their health only to allow them to get sicker as time passes. It’s freightening.

    We all know that homeopathic medicine can only contain just the sugar when they create more than a 12C preparation. There is a basic lack of understanding of science by homeopathic doctors. Antibotics have their place. It’s obviously not to fight viral infections but for true bacterial (serious) infections that can kill.

    When you villify ‘industrial’ medicine, it does not give the homeopaths free reign on what they are selling. Saying Ford makes bad cars does not mean that Chevy’s products are better. BTW, the industrial medicine is tested. It’s clinically tested in double blind experiments to prove it actually works. Whenever homeopathic medicines are tested in the same fashion they do no better than placebo (sugar pills).

    We are smart beings with exceptional brains. It would be great to pull away from some of the magical thinking that has caused us so much harm throughout history.

  2. esmitt says:

    I missed the first story as well. The EMF issues that are raised in the article by Dr Carlo contradicts the conclusions of most other researchers in the field. It appears to be a very biased story. For a full detailed factual description without the scaremongering of the previous link, have a look at:

    Mike B.

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  4. Lisa Reed says:

    It is too bad that there are people who cannot get their heads around the fact that homeopathy is a viable medical modality used all over the world for well over 200 years. I have used it a number of times myself with excellent results. Additionally, there are many public records verifying the effectiveness of this form of treatment in addressing infectious diseases such as the flu and smallpox in the past. It is often difficult to establish the exact remedy, and it certainly will not fix a condition being caused by repetitive environmental stress such as poor posture or other foolish health habits, but when used appropriately it can often achieve incredible results. Well worth investigating if you have an open mind.

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