Why Bother? (NY Times)
Global warming is real and happening, with so many causes that it seems there’s nothing we can do as individuals to help our environment heal. Apathy is the easy choice – until you read Michael Pollan’s encouraging essay on why our choices matter – environmentally and just plain mentally – even choosing actions as small as cultivating a garden of one’s own.

Bipolar Nation (Prospect)
Bipolar disorder as the new depression – explored by Annie Maccoby Berglof who herself was diagnosed with bipolar II in 1982. While some people – such as the author – do suffer great distress from mood swings, we are now looking at a looming crisis of overdiagnosis, where increasing numbers of people suffering temporary problems of living may be misdiagnosed as bipolar, just as they were previously with depression. As the author notes, “The stakes are huge.” And as usual, Big Pharma plays a central role.

You Walk Wrong (New York Magazine)
Shoes have changed the way we walk, working against the anatomy of the human foot and in some cases leading to chronic pain. For “this is the shoe paradox: We’ve come to believe that shoes, not bare feet, are natural and comfortable, when in fact wearing shoes simply creates the need for wearing shoes.” An entertaining exploration of the mechanics of walking and how some shoe-makers are responding to the growing awareness of how we were meant to walk.

I Need a Virtual Break. No, Really. (NY Times)
On the importance of turning off and turning in to avoid dropping out – one man’s experience of making a way to find thoughfulness and calm in his life, and stay connected to himself.

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