Coffee, Tea Reduce Mercury Exposure When Eating Fish (Montreal Gazette)

Forget sake – a groundbreaking new study from the Université de Montréal shows that sushi-lovers should be eating their raw fish with coffee or tea to reduce their exposure to mercury.

The study, published last week in the journal Environmental Research, also shows that boiling or frying fish significantly reduces exposure to mercury.

And having cooked fish with a cup of coffee or tea – 250 millilitres – reduces the exposure to mercury to almost nothing, according to the results of the study, which shocked even the researchers working on it.

“The magnitude of the effect was surprising,” said Marc Amyot, a professor of biological sciences at U de M and one of the lead researchers on the study…MORE

Another Perk to Weight Loss? Improved Gum Health! (Shape)

Losing weight can improve a lot of things about your health: your cholesterol, you blood pressure, even your self confidence. But how about your smile? New research from the Journal of Periodontology has found that when people lose fat, they improve the health of their gums, too.

Researchers looked at 31 obese people with gum disease. Half of the subject had gastric bypass surgery and had fat cells from their stomaches removed, while the other half did not. In those who had the weight-loss surgery, their gum health (periodontal attachment, bleeding, probing depths and plaque levels) improved much more than those who did not…MORE

Mathematics Provides Better Attachment for Dental Crowns (Medical News Today)

Each year, dentists put hundreds of thousands of new dental crowns into the mouths of Swedish patients. They firstly have to grind the teeth to which the crowns are to be attached. This is a procedure that is still much of an art and depends completely on the individual dentist’s skill. But dentists will soon benefit from a computer program being produced by a group of researchers at Chalmers, at the initiative of the company Nobel Biocare. The researchers are now planning to run clinical tests.

“With current software, you can measure the damaged tooth’s dimensions by laser scanning,” explains Chalmers researcher Evan Shellshear. “The software then computes the optimal shape of the ground tooth, and the output is a 3-D visualisation of it. You also get a 3-D animation showing precise suggestions for manoeuvring the cutting tool in order to achieve the final tooth shape safely”…MORE

‘Tis Better to Give Than to Receive? (MedicalXpress)

“When people talk about the ways in which social support is good for our health, they typically assume that the benefits of social support come from the support we receive from others, but it now seems likely that some of the health benefits of social support actually come from the support we provide to others,” said Naomi Eisenberger, a UCLA assistant professor of psychology and the senior author of the study, published today in the online edition of Psychosomatic Medicine, a peer-reviewed health psychology journal…MORE

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