Eating Your Greens Can Change the Effect of Your Genes on Heart Disease, Say Researchers (MedicalXpress)

A long-held mantra suggests that you can’t change your family, the genes they pass on, or the effect of these genes. Now, an international team of scientists, led by researchers at McMaster and McGill universities, is attacking that belief.

The researchers discovered the gene that is the strongest marker for heart disease can actually be modified by generous amounts of fruit and raw vegetables. The results of their study are published in the current issue of the journal PLoS MedicineMORE

Short Bouts of Exercise Pay Huge Dividends (SF Chronicle)

Earlier this week a woman made national headlines – and made an entire country feel like lazy good-for-nothings – when she finished the Chicago Marathon while 39 weeks pregnant, and gave birth hours later.

But take heart, couch potatoes. You don’t have to run a marathon, or run at all, to reap impressive health benefits from exercise.

In fact, if the average adult walked 6 1/2 hours a month – or about the same amount of time it took that pregnant athlete to finish the marathon – he could add three years to his life, according to a new study…MORE

CA Won’t Add Fluoride to List of Carcinogenics (Dr. Bicuspid)

Fluoride will not be added to California’s Proposition 65 list of carcinogens, following a unanimous vote October 12 by the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment’s (OEHHA) Carcinogen Identification Committee.

Proposition 65, which was passed by California voters in 1986, requires businesses to post warnings if their products expose people to carcinogenic substances. OEHHA is the lead agency for the implementation of the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, and periodically screens candidate chemicals for inclusion in the Proposition 65 list of chemicals.

Fluoride was identified, along with 37 other compounds, from a total of 80, principally because of “its important widespread use,” according to the California Dental Association (CDA)…MORE

Government Misses Deadline for Rules Forcing Disclosure of Industry Payments to Doctors (ProPublica)

Count it as a health-care deadline missed. The federal government has yet to write rules — mandated as part of last year’s health-care law — that would force drug and medical-device companies to disclose their gifts, fees and payments to doctors.

Last year’s Affordable Care Act required that disclosure rules be drafted “not later than October 1, 2011,” a deadline that came and went quietly and without any explanation from the Obama administration…MORE

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