Among all US states, DC and American territories, California ranks squarely in the middle when it comes to getting professional dental care.

  • Percent of adult Californians who visited a dentist or dental clinic in the past year: 67.7
  • Rank among all US states and territories: 31
  • Percent who have had their teeth cleaned in the past year: 68.8
  • Rank: 30

But when it comes to keeping as many natural teeth as possible, our state does a whole lot better than most.

  • Percent of adult Californians who have lost 6 or more teeth due to tooth decay or gum disease: 33.6
  • Rank among all US states and territories: 4
  • Outranking California: Utah, Hawaii, Guam
  • State with the highest percentage of tooth loss: West Virginia (65.6% of the adult population has lost 6 teeth or more)

Of course, six teeth are still quite a lot to lose – not to mention quite expensive to replace! Regular dental visits, eating well, practicing good home hygiene and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are a whole lot cheaper – and support your physical health, as well.

Source: CDC, National Oral Health Surveillance System


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