Perhaps Nobel Prize Laureate in Medicine Arvid Carlsson put it best: “Fluoridation is against all principles of modern pharmacology. It’s really obsolete.”

It’s also risky, with health effects ranging from fluorosis to any number of physical illnesses and problems. The Fluoride Action Network lists 50 reasons to oppose fluoridation, but now there might be another to add.

Over at Natural Health News, herbalYODA has called attention to new research showing that fluoride appears to elevate lead levels in the blood.

The study, which appeared in the February issue of Toxicology, was inspired by the observation that children in communities with fluoridated water showed higher blood lead levels (BPb). To see if the fluoride had something to do with it, researchers used lab rats, separating them into four groups. The control group was exposed to water, while one test group was exposed to fluoride, one to lead and the last to fluoride and lead. Compared to the lead-only group, the fluoride-lead group had blood lead levels “two- to threefold higher,” leaving the researchers to conclude,

These findings show that fluoride consistently increases BPb and calcified tissues Pb [lead] concentrations in animals exposed to low levels of lead and suggest that a biological effect not yet recognized may underlie the epidemiological association between increased BPb lead levels in children living in water-fluoridated communities.

You can read the whole abstract here.

The commentary at Natural Health News is also worth a read. We encourage you to check it out.


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One response to “As If We Needed Another Reason to Oppose Fluoridation…”

  1. Paul says:

    The National Academy of Sciences did a thorough review on fluoride in 2006. They documented numerous deleterious effects of fluoride on many organ systems including increased potential risk for bone fractures (the well characterized disease of skeletal fluorosis) possibly increased risk of osteosarcoma, reduced IQ, thyroid dysfunction, endocrine dysfunction and others all 300 pages is online if anyone cares to confirm it. Of course don’t forget fluoride induced dental fluorsosis (i.e. teeth mottling and a sign of toxic exposure to fluoride) They ended with recommending that the EPA should more strictly regulate fluoride. Their findings mirror those in the peer-reviewed medical literature, while Harvard trained toxicologist also extensively documented behavioral changes in mice upon exposure to blood levels of fluoride not far greater than those experienced through water fluoridation and other sources of exposure. Former, well credentialed EPA scientists have been fired for bucking the political line on this issue. Meanwhile 90% of the fluoride placed into our water supply is not industrial grade sodium fluoride, it is silicofluorides, quite simply, scraped from the sides of Florida phosphate plant smokestacks. If it weren’t thrown into the water supply it would have to be disposed of as hazardous waste. You can read more on this starting here if you suspect I am just making this all up.

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