Last weekend, federal health officials convened a panel of experts to review a case in which a nine year old girl developed autism after getting a series of vaccinations. But as the New York Times recently reported, there’s an even more troubling case that’s being ignored:

On Jan. 11, a 6-year-old girl from Colorado received FluMist, a flu vaccine, and about a week later “became weak with multiple episodes of falling to ground” and “difficulty walking,” according to a case report filed with federal health officials and obtained by The New York Times.

The girl grew increasingly weak and feverish and “became more limp, appears sleepy, acts as if drunk,” the report said. She was hospitalized and underwent surgery and was finally withdrawn from life support. She died on April 5, according to the report.

This, from a flu shot.

The article goes on to discuss the emerging evidence that underlying mitochondrial disorders – which both children were found to have – could be the missing link between vaccinations and the development of autism spectrum disorders.

You can read the whole thing here.

Unfortunately, the risk of autism is not the only problem with vaccines. You can read a comprehensive discussion of vaccines and a survey of the documented risks in this three part article by Gary Null and Martin Feldman in the Townsend Letter.

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