So the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has revised its position on children and cholesterol. Now they say that children as young as two should be screened for cholesterol if they are at risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD). The AAP also lowered the age at which they indicate statins – from 10 to 8 – though they do say that non-drug interventions are the preferred first line of attack.

Many are already protesting these recommendations. Opponents rightly note that it’s at best problematic to take data from cholesterol and statin studies in adults and apply it to children.  (Here, BTW, is one recent review [PDF] – from the AAP-published journal Pediatrics – of what conventional Western medicine knows about children, cholesterol and statins.)

Regardless, there’s a more important point getting lost in all the debate: as the standard cholesterol hypothesis is wrong.

But rather than repeat what others have already said, we’ll give you our short list of resources for learning the truth about cholesterol and heart disease, as well as the real relationship between cholesterol and diet:

The Cholesterol Con – Where Were the Doctors? (article)

The Great Cholesterol Con (book)

Good Calories, Bad Calories (book)

The International Network of Cholestrol Skeptics (site)

The Weston Price Foundation (site)

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