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Biosis: Integrated Health Solutions

Biosis: Integrated Health Solutions

Since 2004, Dr. Verigin’s newsletter Biosis has offered its readers comment and teaching by Dr. Verigin, health news, wellness tips and more – all within an integrative, biological dental frame. It’s name comes from the Greek word meaning “to live.” “Biosis” means “a mode of life,” which is both a process and an indivisible state of being. It is wholeness itself.

We are committed to helping you build a mode of life that allows you to make the most of your dreams, drives and desires – a life both defined by and fueled by optimum health in all respects.

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Back Issues (May 2008 – )

Biosis 59 [2]: How Biological Terrain Assessment Can Help Make “Mystery” Illnesses a Lot Less Mysterious

Biosis 58 [3]: Why Communication Is Absolutely Critical to Good Healthcare

Biosis 57 [4]: Patients Caught in the Tentacles of the Allopathic System

Biosis 56 [5]: The Homotoxins All Around Us

Biosis 55 [6]: Some Basic Principles of Biological Regulation

Biosis 54 [7]: The Basis for Holistic, Biological Medicine

Biosis 53 [8]: Cavitations & Their Impact on Overall Health

Biosis 52 [9]: Don’t Treat Illness – Restore the Body’s Coherence & Function Instead

Biosis 51 [10]: Improving the State of the Terrain, Connection & Community, Recommended Reads

Biosis 50 [11]: Addressing the Ground System First

Biosis 49 [12]: Finding a World of Blessings, Outer Environment/Inner Environment, & A New Book on Biological Dentistry

Biosis 48 [13]: Biological Dentistry & the Road Ahead

Biosis 47 [14]: Positive Thinking, Modern Medicine, Exercise

Biosis 46 [15]: Embracing Difference, Dentistry Shouldn’t Be “Just Another Profession,” & Mercury Amalgam Research

Biosis 45 [16]: Responsible Optimism, What to Do about Root Canal Teeth, Soda & Aging

Biosis 44 [17]: Power, Root Canals, Homeopathy

Biosis 43 [18]: Attitude, Root Canals, Gluten-Free Foods

Biosis 42 [19]: Weston Price’s Root Canal Research, Dental Implants & More

Biosis 41 [20]: Ending the Procrastination Blues; Acid / Alkaline pH Body Balance; A Tale of Two Cancers

Biosis 40 [21]: Milestones; What Technology Can’t Replace; To Heal the Body, Heal the Terrain; Weston Price; Perio Politics

Biosis 39 [22]: Living with Intention; Reading the Terrain; Don’t Floss?!

Biosis 38 [23]: Mapping the Route to Healing, Feeding Your Brain, Essential Oils & Healthy Gums

Biosis 37 [24]: Research in Biological Medicine, Superfoods & More

Biosis 36 [25]: Listening, Oxidative Stress, Diet & Decay

Biosis 35 [26]: Nostaliga, Aging Cells & Biological Medicine, Flu Shots

Biosis 34 [27]: Natural Rejuvenation; Chemicals & the Terrain; “Metal-Free Dentistry”?

Biosis 33 [28]: Disease & the Disordered Biological Terrain; Time & Priorities; A Kids’-Eye View of Healthy Food

Biosis 32 [29]: The Power of Music; The Complexities of Chronic Illness; Mercury vs. BPA?

Biosis 31 [30]: Building Resilience; Chronic Illness & the Terrain

Biosis 30: Thoughtful Communication, MCS Case History, Kicking Insomnia

Biosis 29 [31]: Smile Power, FAQ on the Biological Perspective, Herbs & Drugs

Biosis 28 [32]: Perseverance, Living Systems, Beyond Brushing

Biosis 27 [33]: Tradition & Gratitude, Clenching & Grinding, Hysterectomy & Informed Consent

Biosis 26 [34]: Dreams & Actions, FDA & Mercury, The “Alternative Medicine” Controversy

Biosis 25 [35]: Self-Security, Dental Foci & the Disease Process, Home Hygiene

Biosis 24 [36]: Self-Renewal, Dental Foci & Cancer Detection, Preventive Medicine

Biosis 23 [37]: Focusing on What Matters, Tooth Clenching & Grinding, Body Mend

Biosis 22 [38]: Choosing Joy, Why Your Teeth Might Hurt, Autoimmune Disorders

Biosis 21 [39]: Get Happy, Choosing Your Route to Healing

The Best of Biosis, Issues 1 -20
(November 2004 – January 2008)

Dr. Verigin’s Comment [40]
Comment on news and research, and teachings on key concepts of integrated, biological dental medicine from Gary M. Verigin, DDS, CTN

Integrated Health Solutions [41]
Articles on nutrition, lifestyle and taking charge of your health and wellbeing

JoAnne’s Motivational Minute [42]
Tips for achieving your goals from our office manager, JoAnne Boettcher-Verigin

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