Last week, we launched the newest edition of Dr. Verigin’s office website,, which features updated content, a bright new look and tools to help you find and share content more easily.

One thing about our site hasn’t changed, though. It’s still more than a place to get info about our office and the services we provide. It’s the home of our quarterly health and wellness newsletter Biosis and Dr. V’s Biodental Library of articles, video and links to a vast array of resources on biological dental health, wellness and holistic healing. We strive to give you the quality information you need make the best decisions about your dental care and health.

This emphasis on education is central to Dr. Verigin’s philosophy and mission:

Knowledge is not only power. It is empowering.

The more that people understand their bodies and the mechanisms that cause illness and wellness, the more committed they become to pursuing and embracing wellness.

We understand that learning is motivated by the personal need for fulfillment.

We understand that effective learning is more than just getting information. It happens when the information hits home intellectually, emotionally and spiritually – when it takes on personal meaning.

We understand that learning is deeply influenced when the person feels well cared for, respected and accepted; when they have a sense of belonging.

We understand that learners need ongoing opportunities for two-way conversations that are personally relevant to their own experiences. They need to challenge new paradigms and relate the new concepts to old ones. This is how they incorporate the concepts into their own lives.

We understand to learn that we – practitioner and client alike – must have a sense of vision and direction. We must share the ability to make a roadmap and see ourselves in future tense to reach our goals.

We believe in working with you as a partner, each of us learning from the other on a mutual journey toward a better level of wellness.

In short, informed clients take charge of their health. They choose to be agents of their own wellness. And these are the kind of people who choose our practice to meet their dental needs.

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