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Keeping Your Balance in Unsettled Times (Guest Post)


Current world affairs are causing a lot of distress. From the Japanese disasters to Middle Eastern uprisings and beyond, daily news of what we might have once thought of as unthinkable can easily pull us away from our natural balance. Not long ago, we were most concerned with the health effects of wifi and processed food. Now, we’re thinking of earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear contamination and a seemingly unending cycle of warfare and violence around the globe.

People are suffering from more anxiety and worry than ever without my rehashing and stating the obvious, making this column sound less like a wellness piece, more like a CNN update.

So let’s get to the business of wellbeing, and how to maintain it in the midst of crisis.

Regular readers know I’m a proponent of being aware of how grounded you are. This means, literally, how connected to the earth are you? What is your relationship to the ground?

In a state of ungroundedness, you can be more easily influenced by others. You might experience injuries and accidents, anxiety, panic, worry, irritability or foggy thinking. Being ungrounded feels bad, so many people try to block the feeling by overeating, drinking too much or finding some other way to “check out.”

Yet it’s unusual times such as our own when we most need to be mindful about our not being grounded, centered and calm. You can then, with conscious awareness, bring yourself back into a state of balance.


The first step is to pay attention to your physical body. How does the chair you are sitting in feel? What do your feet feel like? What physical signs or symptoms are you trying to ignore? For example, are you thirsty? Do you have any pain or tightness in your body?

Then notice your breathing. This will bring you “back into your body.” Most cases of anxiety I see in my practice are nothing more than being mentally and energetically disconnected from the body. So take a few moments and follow your breath. Bring it into your belly. Slow it down.

Lengthen your breath. Do this deliberately, consciously several times throughout the day.

Connect with the earth. Put your bare feet on the ground. There is scientific evidence that the earth balances your energy field, but you can also know this just by doing it and seeing for yourself. Stand or sit down for a minute with your bare feet on the earth. Do this often.

Be with nature. Notice the weather. What is happening in your natural environment? Feel the breeze, smell the earth’s scents, take note of how the sun feels, watch the trees become full of leaves again. Imagine yourself as a big healthy tree with deep roots going into the earth.

You’ll be well on your way to flowing with the changing times and coming through the chaos unscathed.

9 Quick Tips for Becoming More Balanced

  1. Breathe with awareness.
  2. Sit in nature.
  3. Watch the sun rise or set.
  4. Place your feet (and hands) on the earth.
  5. Eat food from the earth.
  6. Be aware of your surroundings.
  7. Notice physical symptoms or signs.
  8. Stop, look and listen.
  9. Visualize yourself rooted into the earth.

Christina Grant, PhD [2]

Read more by Dr. Grant on her blog, Dr. Grant Holistic [3]


Image by televiseus [4], via Flickr