by Gary M. Verigin, DDS, CTN

Each year, more and more people contact our office already armed with the knowledge that if they truly want to gain complete wellness, they must consider the health status of their entire oral cavity – not just teeth, but the underlying bone and surrounding soft tissues. We hear this from referring physicians, nutritionists, acupuncturists and other complementary practitioners, as well as the clients themselves.

Most of these individuals come into our office having done quite a lot of research. Nearly all have spent a great amount of time online, exploring the literature on the health issues adversely affecting them or their loved ones. They have read books recommended by trusted friends and associates. They have earnestly sought comprehensive, natural solutions to longstanding health problems – the types of solutions unknown by mainstream, corporate medicine.

Through their actions, such people show that they want to take control of their health. And many go beyond this book-learning, attempting to put into practice what they’ve read. Perhaps they have made significant dietary changes. Maybe they’ve begun using supplements that have had a positive effect – sometimes to the point where they have been able to stop taking drugs they’ve been prescribed. Those who have been able to do this have seldom shared the information with their conventional doctors for fear of being verbally put down for their actions. But, undaunted, they continued to do what worked for them.

Such people have found that as they learn more and make better choices, they also feel better emotionally and spiritually, as well as physically. They put two and two together and realize that, unlike what corporate medicine tells them, they are fully capable of making wise decisions about their health.

In first contacting us, many people want to know about what we have seen clinically when clients have had their mercury amalgams removed and replaced with biocompatible porcelain or ceramic. You can read some of their stories here and here and here. One of the things you’ll notice when you begin comparing these stories is that those who experience the most favorable clinical changes are those who have made – and continue to make – comprehensive changes in their daily lives. They transition to a more organic and alkalinizing diet. They stop smoking. They stop drinking alcohol. They reduce environmental stresses. They get treatment for other interfering dental conditions such as dead teeth (root canals).

In other words, they approach their healing holistically. They acknowledge and honor the integrity of their bodies, minds and spirits through the pursuit of integrated health and wellness care.

But in order for individuals to successfully take charge of their own well-being, they must understand the foundational principles of healing and cure – as opposed to treatment with drugs that don’t cure but cover up or change one’s symptoms. For the journey to total health is a long one. We do better on it if we take the proper gear, well-equipped with knowledge.

Western school medicine teaches that all diseases begin in the cells. This theory of cellular pathology was established in 1862 by a German doctor and scientist named Rudolf Virchow. It was based on the premise that every disease is due to disturbances in the structures of individual cells. This was because Virchow believed that each cell was an elementary organism: part of a larger whole – the body – but confined by its membrane and thus mainly existing for itself alone. Consequently, Virchow’s theory insists that all disease is local, not affecting any part of the body except the site of cellular damage.

In a limited way, the theory of cellular pathology works. It remains an excellent instrument for dealing with acute or mono-causal diseases. But it is wholly inadequate for dealing with multifactorial illnesses. It fails to uncover health problems arising from immune system disturbances. It is a useless attempt at diagnosis, the accuracy of which is but a show, as it can only see and understand symptoms as parallel, never acting together.

Television shows this theory on parade every day, whether you’re watching Dr. Phil, Fox News, your favorite crime drama or any other program. The parade consists of ad after ad after ad: drugs for lowering your cholesterol; drugs for taming your insomnia; drugs for heartburn and growing prostates; drugs for urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction. Each disease or dysfunction – real or manufactured – gets its own drug. Never are the relationships among conditions addressed. Warnings are given – pregnant women shouldn’t even touch some pills; men with vision loss or six-hour erections should contact their doctor – but never the most important warning of all: that these drugs are part of the reason why people get sick in the first place!

Three years after Virchow formulated his theory, Louis Pasteur published his doctrines. He said all diseases were caused by harmful organisms which he called “germs” – a theory which still holds today, even as decades of subsequent research have revealed its limitations and errors.

Pasteur himself acknowledged its faults as he lay on his deathbed.

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  1. Nowadays people are too much worried about their own dental health and wellness that the rate of people seeking medical health has come up at an alarming rate. This has many influence on the society both good and also bad too.

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