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It’s Cheaper Than Replacing Teeth

Let’s face it: Periodontal treatment is expensive. And considering how many people suffer from some degree of gum disease – up to 75% of the US adult population – it’s an expense that lots of us may face at some point.

Unfortunately, there are those who balk at the cost and decide to take their chances.

But here’s some perspective, courtesy of a study [1] recently published in the Journal of Periodontology: Forgoing treatment doesn’t necessarily save you money – and may, in fact, wind up costing you more.

Keep in mind that untreated periodontitis eventually leads to loss of bone in the jaw, and loss of bone leads to loss of teeth. Those teeth need to be replaced.

So the researchers decided to find out: How does the lifetime cost of periodontal treatment compare with the cost of restoring teeth lost to gum disease?

Patients who had baseline treatment but nothing further could only replace only 3 teeth with bridgework or 2 with implants before they’d be spending more than they would for a lifetime of perio care.

Those who had no treatment at all could buy 4.


More about the cost of treatment & the savings of preventive care. [3]

And more. [4]

Image by neonzu1 [5], via Flickr