When you’ve grown up in a world where Western Medicine dominates, it can be hard at first to wrap your brain around the concept of regulative medicine and especially the influence of the extracellular matrix (ECM) – a/k/a the biological terrain – on health and illness.

Since regulative medicine is the foundation of biological dentistry, this is why we recommend all new patients read Dr. V’s clear and concise booklet “How Illness Happens: An Introduction to the Biological Terrain”.

Recently, we ran across a podcast that has a really terrific discussion of the extracellular matrix and, in particular, the dynamic between the ECM and your body’s cells. But before we share it, there are a few points in it that could use some clarification.

First, there are a couple of factual errors we caught. Pischinger was not a German researcher but Austrian. More importantly, the Dr. Schimmel he speaks of was not the first to apply the principles he discusses. Rather, credit here should go to Kramer and Voll.

More importantly, there’s a wider range of evaluation and treatment modalities available – especially those incorporated from German biological medicine – than just those discussed here. Some of the additional tools we use here in our Northern California office include Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA), MORA therapy, and EAV (Electroacupuncture According to Voll).

Similarly, homeopathic protocols can play an important role along with the other types of functional therapies discussed in the podcast. Ultimately, the goal is to clean and restore order to the terrain so the body can properly self-regulate. Homeopathic preparations gently nudge the body back toward this.

To learn more about how Dr. V uses these tools in his practice, start here.

Transcript of podcast

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