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Microbes in Your Mouth Can Affect Your Body’s Health

And this isn’t a new discovery. Witness this bit of verse we recently ran across, which was originally published in the June 1924 issue of the Michigan State Dental Society Bulletin:

There was a little man and he had a little fang
And a billion or so of strepto bugs were in it.
A dentist of renown said I’ll put thereon a crown,
For I need all the money there is in it.
Thereupon he made a start; The bugs traveled to the heart,
Of the little man, I really hate to sing it,
For soon there was no little fang; There was no little man,
The tale’s too sad, I can’t go on, Oh why did I begin it?

To learn more about the mouth-body connection and how such dental foci can impact your health, read Dr. Verigin’s article From Microbes in the Mouth to Dysfunction in the Body [1].

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