heliobacterLong ago and far away…well, back in the mid-19th century, scientists like Claude Bernard and Antoine Bechamp first challenged Pasteur’s “germ theory” of disease. But while Pasteur may have been declared winner of that battle, science continues to vindicate Bernard, Bechamp, and the many other scientists who followed their research path.

For instance, consider the new study in Science Immunology, which looked into immune responses to Heliobacter – a familiar pathogen, strongly associated with ulcers, chronic gastritis, stomach cancer, and other gut issues. As MedicalXpress recently reported,

As part of their study, the researchers looked at what happened to mice when samples of the bacteria were introduced into their guts under differing conditions. They found that introducing it into healthy mice raised in a nearly germ-free environment resulted in an immune response generally associated with tolerance. Prior research has suggested that such a response is the body’s way of signaling the acceptance of a bacteria into the gut because it poses no threat. But when the same type of bacteria was introduced to the gut of a mouse that had colitis, it induced an immune threat response by causing already occurring gut inflammation to become worse. In the second scenario, the immune system clearly saw the bacteria as a harmful invader that needed to be stopped.

The results of these experiments, the researchers claim, suggests that at least one kind of bacteria may be seen as either harmless or harmful depending on the state of the environment it encounters. That suggests the likelihood that the same is true for other bacteria. [emphasis added]

As Bernard said more than a century ago: The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything.

And for more on the history of the microbe vs. environment battle battle, see Dr. V’s article “True Healing Can ONLY Begin with Improving the State of the Terrain.”

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