toothache sculptureWhen you’ve got a dental problem, it’s effects aren’t always confined to the tooth or even the mouth. Each of your teeth is connected with the rest of your body, energetically (via the meridan system) and physically (via your circulation). This is why root canal teeth, for instance, can become a major burden on overall health.

And it’s why, if you’ve got a tooth that’s hurting, you don’t want to put off seeing your dentist about the problem.

Maybe you saw the sad story that made our local news recently.

An Antelope family is grieving the loss of a young father who they say died early Monday morning after a tooth infection spread to his lungs.

Vadim Kondratyuk Anatoliyevich, 26, was a father of two little girls and a long haul truck driver.

His wife, Nataliya told FOX40 his tooth hurt when he left Truckee for New York two weeks ago. She said he visited a dentist in Oklahoma, who cleaned his infected tooth and prescribed him antibiotics, but that the infection got so much worse that the side of his face became swollen.

She said Vadim’s brother eventually made the cross country drive out to bring him back home, because he was feeling too weak to drive. Somewhere along the drive they checked Vadim into a Utah hospital. Four days into his stay there, Nataliya said she had a conversation with the doctors that she had no idea was coming.

“The doctor said tonight is the night he’s gonna die, because we did everything we can and nothing seems to work. It’s just the bacteria and the infection keeps growing to his lungs and they can’t clean it out,” Nataliya said.

It’s important to remember, though, that even in a catastrophic case like this, it’s never just the tooth that’s the problem. There is also a problem in the biological terrain interfering with the body’s self-healing and regulating abilities.

When the terrain is unhealthy, the rest of the body, including the mouth, cannot be truly healthy. Help the terrain, though, and you set the stage for healing and sustained health. This is why evaluating the terrain is the first thing we recommend when new patients come to our office for help with dental burdens they suspect may be impacting their overall health – mercury amalgam fillings, root canals, cavitations.

Once the terrain is dealt with, we can deal with the dental factors much more successfully. Without that, dental intervention may bring some temporary relief – or not.

The terrain, as they say, is everything.

Image by Richard Croft, via Wikimedia Commons

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