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An Extra Hour of Sleep & a Possible Drop in Vitamin D


Daylight Savings Time [2] ends this weekend. Hooray for that extra hour of sleep, right?

But there’s a downside: fewer daylight hours plus winter weather can lead to vitamin D deficiency.

This is because sunlight is our main – and best – source of this nutrient which, among other things [3], helps keep your teeth, gums and bone healthy and strong. It also helps prevent cavities [4] – possibly due to antimicrobial effects of cathelicidin, a polypeptide produced along with vitamin D in response to sunlight – and helps remineralize [5] the teeth.

Symptoms of D deficiency, on the other hand, include fatigue, chronic backache, depression, hypertension, weight gain, rickets and weakened bones.

Here are a few tips for making sure you get enough of this essential nutrient through the winter:

And enjoy that extra hour of sleep! After all, quality sleep is key to good health [9], too…


Images by Kevin H. [10] and Perfecto Insecto [11], via Flickr