Percent of Americans in 1988 who ate at least five servings of vegetables and fruit each day: 42
Percent who did so in 2006: 26

Percent of American men in 1988 who exercised at least 30 minutes a day, three times each week: 57
Percent of American women in 1988 who did: 49
Percent of Americans who did so in 2006: 43

Percent of Americans in 1988 who followed all five habits considered part of a healthy lifestyle (good diet, avoiding obesity, no smoking, moderate/no drinking, exercise): 15
Percent who did so in 2006: 8

Sources: Bad Habits Asserting Themselves (NY Times) and “Healthy lifestyles” Wane in US (BBC)

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One response to “Stat!: And We Wonder Why Chronic Disease Is Such a Problem?”

  1. […] According to their background material, “Produce for Better Health Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to lead the way to achieving increased daily consumption of fruits and vegetables by leveraging private industry resources, leveraging public sector resources, influencing policy makers, motivating key consumer influencers, and promoting fruits and vegetables directly to consumers.” While some of their corporate sponsors and partners may raise eyebrows among those concerned with nutrition, food quality and sustainability issues – McDonald’s? BASF? – on the whole, the campaign’s Web presence provides a ton of useful, easy-to-understand information for consumers wanting to improve the quality of their diet by eating more produce (something the vast majority of Americans need to do). […]

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