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Captain Obvious Perceives Perceptions

Who wants to hear that their teeth and gums are in bad shape? Who gets excited at the thought of needing extensive dental work?

Okay. Besides this guy [1]?

Suffice it to say, it’s hard to have a good attitude toward taking care of your teeth when your oral health isn’t great. Who wants to spit blood after brushing and flossing? Who wants to look closely at their stained or decayed teeth? Receeded gums?

Still, a group of Swedish researchers felt the need to study “Oral Health-Related Perceptions, Attitudes, and Behavior in Relation to Oral Hygiene Conditions in an Adolescent Population” [2], published last month in the European Journal of Oral Sciences.

Prepare. To. Be. Astounded.

They found that those teens who had more problems with biofilm (plaque) and gum disease were more likely to have certain “perceptions”:

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