When people talk about “bad bugs” in the mouth – the ones that lead to tooth decay and gum disease – they’re usually talking about bacteria. And why not? There are tons of them, even in the cleanest mouth – billions, representing roughly 700 species.

And just watch ’em proliferate!

To speed up the video, hit play, then click the cogwheel and set the speed to 2.

But bacteria aren’t the only microbes at work in your mouth.

Just last month came a new study of how a common yeast, Candida albicans, interacts with S. mutans – one of the major players in the decay process – to form strong especially strong biofilms (plaque). It’s a study that builds on earlier research by the same team. As Bite Magazine recently reported,

In their latest research, the team pinpointed the surface molecules on the fungus that interact with the bacterially-derived protein. Blocking that interaction impaired the ability of yeast to form a biofilm with S. mutans on the tooth surface, pointing to a novel therapeutic strategy.

Unsurprisingly, the team is “now working on novel therapeutic approaches for targeted interventions.” That’s nice. But instead of focusing on disrupting that process, why not start by merely controlling the oral Candida – something you can do naturally?

Candida albicansNumber one is to simply starve the yeast. Candida thrives on sugars, dairy, and yeast-containing foods. Cut or minimize consumption of those, and you go a long way toward keeping Candida under control.

Oil pulling with coconut oil can also do wonders. Not only does coconut oil have antibacterial qualities, but it’s also antifungal. One product we especially like for this is OBW Oil Based Wellness.

You can include more antifungal foods in your diet, as well. Think ginger, garlic, olive oil, cayenne. Think pungent spices and fermented foods.

Those fermented foods offer additional help by encouraging the growth of healthy bacteria.

Chronic stress is another thing that can make it easier for Candida to proliferate. Finding effective stress control strategies can only help.

And, of course, you want to keep your biological terrain and greater immune system robust and resilient. The terrain guides everything else.

As ever, the terrain is everything.

Image by GrahamColm, via Wikimedia Commons

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