Testing & Lab Sites

Clifford Consulting and Research

A resource for learning about dental materials testing. The Clifford Materials Reactivity Test results allows a dentist to quickly determine which materials can be used with the least degree of risk in repairing or restoring an individual’s teeth. It doesn’t address issues of mechanical performance nor electro-activity between materials, though.

Creative Arts Dental Laboratory

Info on the latest dental restoration materials and technologies from the lab that creates the crowns and bridges we use.

DDI Imaging Center

Site of the Sacramento radiological lab we refer clients to for diagnostic work-ups for TM joint, headache and orthodontic issues. Excellent FAQ page.

Doctor’s Data, Inc.

Site of the Chicago lab where tests are conducted to monitor the presence of heavy metals in one’s tissues.

Genova Diagnostics

Get the facts about Functional Medicine and info on predictive genetic testing. Now able to assess true biochemical individuality, physicians today can gauge with increasing precision who is more likely to develop certain diseases, who will respond favorably (or react adversely) to a particular drug or supplement therapy, and which nutrients are optimal.

Glidewell Dental Lab

More resources on dental restorations, as well as guards/splints, from the other dental lab we work with.

Immunosciences Lab, Inc.

The online home of the Los Angeles lab we use to measure the presence of antibodies in an individual’s saliva. This test reveals the effects of mercury on the immune system.

Johns Dental Laboratories

Info about the appliances we use to straighten, teeth, muscles and jaws. A great place to learn about TMJ correction and how we use your X-ray films to make decisions about your treatment needs when you need dental orthopedics.

Melisa Medica Foundation

Info on the Melisa Test for mercury toxicity.

Metametrix Toxic Effects Porphyrins Profile

This lab provides one of the heavy metals toxicity tests we use. By testing for the presence of porphyrins in one’s urine, we can now see how toxins are affecting a person biochemically.

Quicksilver Scientific

This lab’s Tri-Test is another toxicity analysis we rely on – the only one that measures both exposures and excretion abilities for each of the two main forms of mercury we’re exposed to.

ZRT Laboratory

A resource on balance, health and longevity from ZRT, an innovative hormone testing laboratory.

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