Referral Practices

Randall R. Gordon, DDS
The local dentist – with offices in Lodi and Stockton – to whom we refer our clients in need of a periodontal specialist. Dr. Verigin considers him one of the finest periodontists in the area, having provided our clients with a variety of successful surgical procedures over the past two decades.

Michael P. Shaw, DDS
The Modesto oral surgeon to whom we refer our clients with surgical needs. Dr. Shaw is very well-versed in NICO, cavitations and managing the complex cases of medically compromised patients. He uses the latest techniques with thorough knowledge as to how the German schools of natural therapies advocate complete sanitation of the alveolar bone and tissue closure in their cancer hospitals.

Robert E, Jarvis, DDS
The Santa Rosa oral surgeon to whom we refer our clients with surgical needs. Highly skilled and caring, Dr. Jarvis also has an office further north in Windsor.

Resource Guides

For further reading on root canals, cavitations, cancer and healing

Breast Cancer References
Useful list of resources on breast cancer and natural healing.

Issels Treatment Publication Library
Writings by cancer expert Dr. Joseph Issels, who was key in showing the profound links between dental foci (especially root canal teeth) and cancer. “Believing that a tumor is merely a local manifestation of a whole body disease, [Issels] advocated a personal, ‘holistic’ approach that continues to be studied today.”

Riordan Clinic Publications Library
Excellent collection of research articles on nutrition, cell function and other concerns of orthomolecular biomedicine from the nonprofit Riordan Clinic, a nutrition-based health facility in Wichita.

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