Product Sites

Our source for SanPharma and other natural medicaments used in German Biological Medicine.

A great collection of educational resources here, from the provider of many homeopathics and supplements we use.

Includes an excellent “Better Living” area with helpful articles, a scientific abstracts search and general info on nutritional botanicals.

Extended Health
Info on oral chelation and detoxification.

Hahnemann Laboratories, Inc.
Another homoepathic pharmacy we rely on, based in nearby Marin County.

A trove of information on nutrition, supplementation and health conditions.

Mountain Health Products
Provider of superior quality nutritional and homeopathic formulas.

Pleomorphic SANUM
All about SANUM Therapy. Based upon the concept of pleomorphism, and working homeopathically and isopathically, ST is designed to work with and affect one’s living internal environment, or biological milieu. Doctors evaluate what is affecting each client’s milieu, then determine how individual remedies may be prescribed in respect to the various conditions associated with a disease process.

Thorne Research
Medical and related legal news, along with the journal Alternative Medicine Review and general product info.

Uriel Pharmacy
This company makes natural remedies “in small batches with great care to ensure their vitality and effectiveness,” using ingredients from “biodynamic gardens and the living, breathing forces of sunrise and sunset.”

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