Integrative Dental Medicine Sites

Amalgam-Related Illness FAQ
PDF of a terrific set of Frequently Asked Questions about dental amalgam, mercury toxicity and more, with references.

American Academy of Craniofacial Pain
Helpful articles on TMD, TMJ and their relation to dental health.

American Academy of Gnathologic Orthopedics
Concise info about crozats: appliances that let dentists straighten teeth without removing them or performing jaw surgery. Includes a FAQ page and before-and-after photos.

Huggins Applied Healing
Invaluable info on amalgams and root canals, and helpful hints for selecting the right dentist for your needs.

Holistic Dental Association
Useful articles on issues in holistic dentistry and medicine, and good links to related sites.

Holistic Medicine Resource Center
A comprehensive collection of links to online holistic health resources.

Hpathy: Homeopathy for Everyone
A comprehensive site on “everything homeopathic,” including articles, book reviews, case histories, recent research, discussion groups and more.

International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine
Info on biological dentistry, biological medicine and related topics.

International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
Education and organization for the age of mercury-free dentistry. Great information as to what the scientific community thinks about mercury fillings and the relationship between mercury and Alzheimer’s, including must-see videos such as Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas.

Living Medicine
Info on German biological medicine from naturopathic physician Dr. Christopher Fabricius. Be sure to check out the blog!

Mercury Poisoned: Marie’s Story
Real stories of what happens when mercury is introduced to the body. Also includes commentary and resources on the “Mercury Wars” and efforts to end the use of mercury in dental fillings.

National Center for Homeopathy
Educational resources, news, forums and more on homeopathy.

National Foundation for Alternative Medicine

A wealth of information on the science behind alternative therapies for treating degenerative disease. Be sure to see their comprehensive links to material on mercury-amalgam toxicity.

Quantum Health Management
Info on the link between oral conditions, cancer and “many, if not all, degenerative diseases.” Be sure to read Dr. Robert Jones’s presentation of“Research on Dental Toxins and Cancer Proteins,” as well as “Oral Pathology – The Mouth Connection” and “Oral Pathology – Breast Cancer.” Also well worth a read is – The Book, which is available for order through the site.

Townsend Letter
Online version of the print “alternative medicine” magazine, with a generous collection of articles providing scientific information on holistic medicine and health.

TMJ and Facial Pain Center
Well-done site of a professor of oral surgery at Ohio State University who specializes in head pain, TMJ, NICO lesions, osteonecrosis, fibromyalgia and other illnesses with dental correlations. He has written some great books for lay individuals who would like to know more about such illnesses.

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