Practice and Philosophy

  • Beyond Nutrition: Weston A. Price

    Not too long ago, few people knew about Dr. Weston A. Price. Today, thanks to the efforts of groups like the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation and the Weston A. Price Foundation, many are familiar with his research on the relationship between diet, orofacial development and oral health. That work is extremely important. But it’s only a small part of the story. <Read this article>

  • Choosing Wellness

    True healing requires us to care for the complex and dynamic matrix of systems that comprise the body and the relationships among them.<Read this article>

  • Dental Health Fitness

    Minimizing the risk of problems cropping up down the road is the essence of preventive dentistry – and something we call Dental Health Fitness.<Read this article>

  • Evolution of a Practice, or How I Became an Integrated, Biological Dentist

    G.V. Black, the Father of Operative and Restorative Dentistry, insisted that if you want to provide your clients with valuable service, you must study one or two hours each and every day of your practice life. I’ve been a conscientious student ever since. <Read this article>

  • Integrated, Biological Dental Solutions: A Case History

    Though every client’s dental health situation is specific and unique – the result of one’s personal physiology, environmental factors and life experiences – this case illustrates how we work with you in your quest for optimum health and wellness. <Read this article>

  • How We Know How You Get Sick: Developments in Biological Dental Medicine

    Operating on a faulty theory of illness, industrial, corporate medicine can only continue to suppress symptoms without curing disease. Meanwhile, biological medicine strikes at the very roots of disease. <Read this article>

  • Why X-Rays? Why Digital?

    X-ray imaging is one of our most important tools, and since 2004, it’s become an even more useful tool in our office thanks to digital imaging technology. <Read this article>

Dental Restorations

  • All About Dental Restorations

    If you’re like most of our incoming clients, you’ve probably read a lot about the dangers of mercury amalgam fillings. Fortunately, when it comes to dental materials, you have a lot of options. <Read this article>

  • How to Select the Best Dental Materials

    When you have a cavity or an infected or broken tooth, the choice of dental material used to fix it is probably the last thing on your mind. Mostly, you just want to get the tooth fixed and any associated pain taken away. And many dentists are happy to work this way, seldom considering how the material might affect the individual’s overall health. <Read this article>

  • No More Metal!: The Superiority of CAD-CAM Restorations

    These restorations are 100% ceramic yet reported to be as strong as gold with an equally good fit at the margins. They let us create ideal conditions in the mouth: no metals at all. <Read this article>

  • One Size Does Not Fit All: The Journey to Biocompatibility

    In performing restorative dentistry, dentists have such a wide array of high-tech tools and materials at their disposal, it seems it must be a relatively modern invention. But as a matter of fact, it’s nothing new. <Read this article>

  • The Only Thing that Matters Is Getting the Mercury Out, Right? (Not Quite)

    Before doing anything, it must be fully verified that one or more of these situations – the presence of mercury, root canals or cavitations – is the actual cause of your systemic health problems. <Read this article>

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