When it comes to cringe, it’s hard to beat a show like 90 Day Fiance, but this recent fleeting moment of Darcy’s oral hygiene was enough to make a dentist shudder:

Darcy brushing teeth

The whole point of a power toothbrush is that it does the scrubbing for you. You just need to hold the brush and move it from tooth to tooth, quadrant to quadrant. No matter what kind of toothbrush you use, proper technique is everything.

As ever, the bottom line is that you find a good quality brush you like and use it correctly and regularly.

Recently, BESTEK offered us a new power toothbrush to try out, which we said we’d be glad to, adding that we couldn’t guarantee a positive review or even coverage on this blog. So they sent us a sample unit, and here we are.

BESTEK M-Care sonic toothbrushThe BESTEK M-Care Electric Toothbrush is a nifty little sonic brush with three cleaning modes available – Standard (medium), Soft (low), and Whitening (high) – and three timer settings, though the shortest, at 2 minutes, is more than sufficient. (Overbrushing can cause its own problems.)

The device also comes with three brush heads, one U-shaped and two wavy. They’re soft, compact, and especially comfortable in the back of the mouth. They also have a nubbed rubber back that’s perfect for cleaning the tongue.

On the downside, its straight, rigid shape can make cleaning the front inner arches a little tricky – but, then, this is an issue with nearly all power toothbrushes. (To our knowledge, Kyoui makes the only angled electric toothbrush available.)

On the upside, there’s one thing we really like about the brush, which is also something that sets it apart from the others: Not only is the brush extremely lightweight, but its slim carrying case acts as a wireless charger, making it perfect for travel. A full charge takes about 10 hours, with a duration of 21 standby days. If recharging is needed on the road, the case can be plugged into any standard USB port.

It’s the most compact unit we recall ever seeing, and that makes it a pretty nice option for those who prefer a power brush and want something easily portable.

The BESTEK M-Care is priced just below $50, but they’re currently seeking testers who can try the product for free. (They say all who submit a request for a free trial will be given a 40% off coupon code, as well.)

If you opt for it, though, just please don’t be like Darcy. Here’s the right way to use a sonic brush:

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