We seldom blog about specific products, but we were recently learned about a new natural toothpaste that seems pretty cool.

Now toothpaste, as our regular readers know, isn’t exactly a requirement for good oral hygiene. Research has shown that it’s mainly the mechanical action of brushing that breaks up the oral biofilm (plaque) on your teeth.

But toothpaste can deliver essential oils, nutrients, and other natural ingredients that can help support healthy teeth and gums.

Revitin toothpasteAnd that brings us to Revitin, a product we were introduced to at a dental meeting earlier this year. Like other natural toothpastes, it’s fluoride-free and SLS-free. What it does contain is a proprietary blend of prebiotics, vitamins, ionic minerals, and CoQ10, as well as essential oils that are known to support healthy gums.

The idea behind the product is based on the understanding that oral hygiene isn’t about “killing germs” but maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria and other microbes. In fact, it would be neither possible nor desirable to have a completely “germ-free” mouth. Instead, you want to focus on supporting the proliferation of healthy microbes to keep the bad guys in check.

Revitin was developed by two dentists with just that in mind.

According to a pilot study conducted for the company, a 25% reduction in gingival inflammation was observed after just one week of using the product – significantly higher than standard fluoride toothpastes.

Another study likewise found that, compared to standard toothpastes, Revitin reduced plaque by 46%, bleeding gums by 72.5%, and gingival inflammation by 42%.

While we have yet to make similar observations, we can say that the paste seems to offer a really good clean with very gentle abrasion. At first, we thought we might find the citrus taste of it (from the essential oils) a little off-putting, but the citrus note is actually quite light, clean, and pleasant. There’s no strong lingering flavor, which could seem a bit odd at first, especially if you’re the type who depends on a strong, minty taste as a signal that you’ve cleaned your teeth thoroughly.

Also, because the paste isn’t loaded with detergents, you don’t get a lot of foam while brushing – just a very fresh, clean feeling once you’re done.

All in all, though it a bit spendy, as far as toothpastes go – $15 per tube – it does seem another good option, particularly if you struggle with gum disease.

And if you’d like to try it, we’ve got a FREE full-sized tube to give away, courtesy of Dr. Curatola. To enter our drawing, just take a moment to describe your usual oral hygiene routine in the comments below. On November 14, we’ll draw the winner’s name from among all those who have submitted comments. Good luck!

3 responses to “Another Natural Toothpaste Option”

  1. Tyler says:

    I have switched to a plant-based diet and cut out almost all processed foods and refined sugars. Since doing that, my teeth feel exceptionally clean all the time. I drink lots of water also.
    I floss 1-2 times per day and I only brush in the evening before bed. Since changing these habits, my mouth feels clean in the mornings and my wife says that my breath doesn’t smell at all. 🙂

  2. Leila says:

    After experiencing a broken tooth earlier this year I’m now flossing several times a day & brushing with a xylitol/baking soda mix – leaves my teeth feeling extraordinary. I agree with the comment on sugar – it’s amazing how fast plaque forms after a sugary snack. I had mostly cut it out but had some leftover Halloween candy yesterday & the difference was noticeable.

  3. Brianne says:

    Normal routine: brushing twice and day and flossing in between just not as regular as I should. I do oil pulling about once a week. I saw this toothpaste a month ago and was excited about it, just a little pricy so I haven’t ordered it yet.

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