Your Privacy (HIPAA)

HIPAA is a policy that was introduced by the US Department of Health and Human Services and has been in effect since April 14, 2003. It ensures the privacy of every person’s health information. HIPAA also provides standards for health care providers in securing client consent for the use and disclosure of personal health information in matters regarding treatment, payment and related activities.

Because we respect and honor your right to privacy, we do all we can to ensure the security of your medical records. We do not share your personal health information unless it is appropriate and necessary in providing you with the best possible health care. Even then, we share only what’s absolutely needed to enhance your pursuit of optimum health. We also support your full access to your medical records.

In the case of indirect treatment relationships – such as those with laboratories that deal directly only with physicians – we may need to disclose some personal health information for the purposes of treatment, payment or related matters. In most other cases, your information cannot be disclosed without your written consent.

You may refuse consent. This refusal must be made in writing. If consent is refused, HIPAA grants us the right to refuse treatment. Also, you may revoke consent – in part or in whole – at any time. But you may not revoke actions already taken on the basis of previously signed consent.

Review Dr. Verigin’s complete HIPAA statement (PDF).

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