So this is a thing that Cheerios is doing, “in an effort to propel heart health conversations”:

So let’s have a conversation about how “heart healthy” these can possibly be, considering the amount of added sugar in the stuff. In fact, sugar is the second ingredient listed after those “heart healthy” whole grain oats.

Oh, there’s also some honey and brown sugar syrup in there, as well.

And research has shown that, among other things, sugar consumption both raises triglycerides and lowers “good” LDL cholesterol. Both of these, in turn, raise the risk of heart disease.

“But, wait!” you might say, looking at the nutrition label. “It’s only 9 grams of sugars per serving. That’s not so bad.”

Unfortunately, that’s not what most folks give themselves as a serving size:


So pour out the cereal like most folks would, and those 9 grams of sugar quite easily become 18 or 27, in which case you’ll have eaten more sugar than is in a regular size Hershey bar (17 grams) and possibly more than half the daily maximum recommended by the World Health Organization.

And even that number is considerably higher than the maximum recommended to prevent tooth decay: just 3 to 5% of your total caloric intake. For a 2000 calorie a day diet, that’s roughly 15 to 25 grams of total added sugars max.

So how is this cereal so good for your heart exactly?

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