From Biosis 1, November 2004

Dr. Verigin’s Comment:
The Mindset of Our New Clients Regarding 21st Century Dentistry and Medicine

by Gary M. Verigin, DDS, CTN

At a recent team meeting, we were reflecting on how much the attitudes of our new clients have changed during our office’s 40 year history. Our records show that 8 out of every 10 people who contact us do so after having done exhaustive research online. Some visit our website without knowing anything about us, finding us through a wide variety of search engines and phrases. Others know of us in advance and visit our site to learn more. But no matter how they find us, they have one thing in common: all have grown frustrated with Western school medicine and its conventional treatments.

In a 2004 issue of the American Institute of Stress’ Health and Stress Newsletter, Harvard’s John Merrill, MD, wrote, “Above all, in treatment or prognostication, doctors must avoid engendering in the patient a fear of the disease, which may be unwarranted in our present state of knowledge.” Yet people seeking health care from conventional practitioners are routinely scared into compliance with therapies that do not cure but merely mask ongoing pathologies in the biological terrain.

Curious, enlightened and well-read people now realize that Big Pharma is in a death struggle in North America, trying to preserve its operation. It has taken decades and trillions of dollars to entrench treatment as the health modality of choice. If you watch television, just count how many advertisements beg you to contact your physician for drugs for headaches, sexual dysfunction, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and every other malaise you can think of, real or imagined.

But treatment isn’t cure. The truth is, since eradicating polio in 1954, Western medicine has cured nothing.

Yet the profit margins of the top ten drug companies? Over 18% a year!

Such figures motivate continuing reliance on treatment. This approach depends on medications that people take to alter and suppress symptoms until they are completely forgotten or, worse yet, masked. It’s no different than removing the red warning light from your dashboard, or cutting its electrical wire, as soon as it signals that your oil pressure is dangerously low. As one client recently remarked to us, conventional treatment is “like hiding something under your bed, and no one would ever know, and you’d probably forget you placed it there after a period of time.”

Fortunately, more Americans are finally realizing that Big Pharma isn’t acting in their interest but its own.

Those who contact our office are looking for a humanistic, preventive practice that is cure-oriented. In fact, the integrative, biological dental medicine we practice relies almost entirely on the concept of cure: finding the cause of a problem and removing it. It seeks to intervene in such a manner as to eliminate all factors that have created a negative influence. It strives to reduce and ultimately reverse the transformation that manifested the original complaints. It is an unwinding and a release of negative feedback loops that have been identified through biochemical and bioelectrical evaluations to enhance the organism’s capacity for regeneration. This is only possible through our attention to detail and the identification of all possible factors involved.

Yet treatment-oriented modalities continue to be presented as the only health care option. The insurance industry and doctors of the medical and dental establishments insist upon it. But enlightened people – using the Internet and other resources – have discovered that they’ve been ripped off. They are waking up to the fact that drugs cost four to five times more than in neighboring countries and Europe, yet those drugs do nothing to cure the conditions they’re claimed to. And once people realize that they no longer want this kind of “treatment,” they look to “jump the wall,” as numerous East Berliners did during the Reagan administration. They soon discover that there are cure-oriented physicians and dentists who detoxify their clients before proceeding with cure-motivated modalities. In effect, such practitioners undo the damage done by the health care establishment so true healing can begin.

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